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Instant Omni Recipes and Instant Omni Plus Recipes

The Instant Vortex Omni and Instant Omni Plus convection toaster oven and air fryer have been out for a while now and are a wildly popular gift.  With that in mind, just in time for Christmas and the holidays, I decided to put together a roundup of Instant Omni recipes and Instant Omni Plus recipes.

Instant Omni Recipes

Many of these would generally work in the Vortex Plus as well and some were formulated for that but carry over the same to the Instant Pot Omni line.

How to Find Instant Omni Recipes

The Instant Omni and Omni Plus really are basically conventional toaster and convection ovens with air fryer capabilities.  There are other similar products out there, so recipes made for other oven style air fryers will work just as well in the Omni and Omni Plus. 

Some of those other models also have rotisseries, and you can find recipes for those and also convert them.

Further, although it carries the Instant Pot name and has multiple functions, any air fryer recipe can also be converted to it, but you might find that you need to experiment with cooking times a bit.  Just keep an eye on your food.

So, to find Instant Pot Omni or Omni Plus recipes, simply start looking to air fryer Facebook groups and Pinterest boards. Use Google to search for the types of recipes you want to make.  Join my own Facebook group as well!

 List of Instant Omni and Instant Omni Plus Recipes

The following list are air fryer and convection toaster oven recipes from this site and from fellow bloggers who developed the recipes for the Instant Omni, Omni Plus, or for air fryers that are the most similar to the Instant Pot Omni. Basically, I looked for recipes made in similar oven/air fryers or that gave instructions for that type of fryer. 

The start of the list are specifically items for the Omni or Omni Plus.

 Please visit these bloggers and give them some love for sharing their hard work! 

This list of recipes is a work in progress! I will keep adding to it, so check back occasionally for more recipes!

Even More Omni Air Fryer Recipes and Great Recipes For Beginners

Aside from this list, the wonderful people at Recipe This have a great course for learning your air fryer and book of 101 air fryer recipes. These were developed for a more traditional air fryer, but many of the concepts and recipes will carry over fairly well. Check them out! The first is 101 air fryer recipes for beginners (but guess what advance users will like them too)! These are affiliate links.

101 air fryer recipes for beginners

The next is the air fryer course


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Instant Omni Plus Recipes

Instant Omni Recipes and Instant Omni Plus Recipes

An ongoing list of Instant Omni recipes and Instant Omni Plus recipes. Keep checking back for more as the list grows! These recipes were all either made in the Omni, or were made in a similar air fryer so that the instructions should carry over well.

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